Get Your Ex Back

Has your relationship recently ended? You may be sad that your boyfriend has decided to end things between the two of you. If you believe the two of you should stay together, you may want to learn how to get your ex-boyfriend back. Although it can take some time, it is possible to get back into the relationship and make it work.
Give Your Ex Some Space
There is a reason your ex decided to end things. He may have felt like you were not giving him enough space to do the things he likes doing. You may even admit that you were a bit of a bother, constantly calling your ex to find out what he was doing at all times of the day. If you were unable to trust him, you might have made him feel uncomfortable, causing him to want to leave. This is like The Magic of Making Up, the TW Jackson ebook – which also goes over proper etiquette.
Let your ex know that you still have feelings for him, but that you plan to give him space so that he can clear his mind for a bit. Do not call him for a few days because you do not want to seem desperate. After several days have passed, if you have not heard from him, consider sending a simple text asking him how he is doing and letting him know that you miss him. You may even want to ask him if the two of you could meet in person to talk some things out.
Let Him Know How You Feel
Express your feelings to your ex in a calm and kind manner. Let him know that you truly love him and do not want the relationship to end over something petty. If there were problems in the relationship, tell him you would like to work them out and start over fresh, even if it means attending relationship counseling sessions to get a bit of professional advice, you can find and find him on Twitter.
Never be too persistent. You want your ex to know that you do want him back, but you should never try to force him to get back with you or make him feel like you are going to hurt yourself if he is not willing to get back into the relationship. After pouring out your heart to him, simply wait for his response to see what he has to say.
Some men need a bit of time to realize they truly do miss their ex, and that may even be the case for your former partner. As long as you are not rude, spiteful or hurtful to him, there is a fairly good chance of getting back together. You need to remind him of the reason why the two of you originally clicked so well, which may bring back those old feelings and make him want to try again.
Just because the relationship has ended does not mean it is permanent. You simply need to put forth the energy to show you care and are willing to change to make it all workout. If he loves you like he has said before, he will see that you want to make changes and will work it out with you.

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